Strange norwegian food habits + a little taste of Italy
& some drawings from my everyday life.

torsdag 14. februar 2013

My G. 
He is the best. 
I don´t know how he manages to still be with me. I know I can be the worst girlfriend. Apparently he means I can be the best too. I am grateful for that.
He made me a book with sweet photographs of our life together. He got me a tshirt with the text HALLÅ which is the way he always said "Hi" to me, popping out from behind corners with a smile from ear to ear. Yes those were the days when we were "young" and in love. Now we don`t have so much time to make gifts for each other, to take trips to all those places we love, to go to concerts or eat sushi once a week. We still have the love. He ALWAYS listens to all the crap I have to tell him. He ALWAYS smiles at me. No, he is NOT good at buying me flowers, but then again, flowers? Who cares. I buy my flowers myself. We are not in the 50s anymore, are we? And then he is a dad (2 1/2 years later I still can`t believe it!) and he is the best dad. For our daughter he is. She never laughs as much as when he plays with her. He is caring and loving and present all the time. I know she will grow up to be a beautiful person thank to him (and hopefully a bit thank to me as well). He is not perfect, oh no no no. 
But HE is MINE. And I am HIS. 

Happy Valentine`s day

lørdag 26. januar 2013

The Lady and the Tramp

Remember this cute movie? One of my favorite. I especially loved this scene. 
The Lady and the Tramp are eating at an italian "restaurant", how romantic is that.
So today I woke all romantic myself and decided to make Spaghetti with meatballs. Which is something I never had at home (I believe it is more of an italian-american tradition?) but if they eat it in a cartoon movie it MUST be good right?

Meatballs in the making...

Not to mention the large amount of "italian housewife points" I just gained by making dinner BEFORE 10 AM!

Have a nice weekend!

torsdag 24. januar 2013


A lot of people have HIGH EXPECTATIONS about the new year. 
Just wait to the 1st of January, I will become happier, healthier, prettier...I promise!
I can`t promise that. January the 1st and my fridge is still full of Juleskinke (we ate the last one a couple of days ago) - chocolate and cakes everywhere (damn you pepperkaker!), my butt is lazier than ever from the week I just had on the couch (or kitchen chair) (or armchair) (or bed) and more important, 
JANUARY is a shitty month. All that Christmas joy is over, people`s running to take down all those cute lights and scary little nisser, sky is grey, my face is grey. Oh how I hate this month.
BUT! It only lasts for 31 days. And when I begin to realize that, THEN I can write my list! 

So here it comes.
It is easy. I need to to less of one thing:


More of another thing




working a lot and will still do that for a while
not a supermodel
pretty in my own way
sometimes moody sometimes sad

still have MANY years ahead of me to realize my dreams
lucky to have a beautiful family and friends

This is my list for now.

Happy new year!

søndag 28. oktober 2012


Made a little doodle-gif just for fun! I hope you are having fun carving your pumpkins! I made some templates that you can download here if you want!

fredag 12. oktober 2012


Yellow leaves, cats, trees, good pastries, and the cutest girl we know. That is a perfect recipe for a wonderful long weekend in Gothenburg. With a little help from Sandra Juto (here) we managed to find good coffee as well. Now welcome winter, we are ready.

Find me on instagram as well! --> vesleserena

søndag 30. september 2012

Birthday Doodles

 In between cakes and parties we found some time to doodle - Fafa (granpa) approves.

fredag 28. september 2012

Matpakke, helst rosa, helst jeg som lager den.

I havent been drawing for this blog lately because I am working on some other projects, but I still love doodling food and switching to norwegian now

Har dere fulgt med matpakkediskusjonen? Jeg er STOR fan av matpakke. Det er billigere enn å kjøpe mat ute, du kan lage det så sunn som du bare vil, du har alltid det med deg, og du kan lage den ROSA! Jeg er nok ikke en som kle seg i rosa, men det er noe med de pastellfargene som gjør at jeg...bare...må...ha...dem. Og jeg, kvinnen, lager matpakken i huset fordi jeg elsker det og ikke fordi jeg er fanget i en kjønnsrolle. Når jeg står på kjøkkenet står mannen på badet og skifter bleie, god mat vs bæsj - hvem koser seg mest tror dere?

Og så har jeg fått denne fine boka her da, fra denne fine damen her, men den har alle skrevet om allerede...!

onsdag 20. juni 2012

My life lately

1 - Pirates of the Bergkrystallen
2 - Little T collection of pine cones & dandelion
3 - We got an allotment garden!
4/5/6 - In Ås, where my boyfriend is studying - beautiful campus
7 - Got a bad back week again
8 - Pretending to be in Italy with tomatoes on my balcony
9 - New bike, new tote bag

Instagram: vesleserena

Would you like to have this guy as your boyfriend?

Have you seen the last OBOS campaign? Has been around for a while now. It says, Massimo lives with mummy. There are a couple other boards too, just as funny as this one. Do we italians look like this to you? 

Here are the videos, thanks Eva!

torsdag 10. mai 2012


Things I love.
Bento + 80s anime
Heidi has a very strange mouth. But she is indeed my favourite, I think she looks a bit like my daughter :) more Heidi here

Maia found here

Heidi & Miffy found here

tirsdag 8. mai 2012

More doodles and something I won

My bipolar girl/s - I hope she founds a new & caring home (this too was a double doodle from the doodle swap)

And I won a lot of spices in Cecilies fine blog. I feel lucky! And HOT!


mandag 7. mai 2012

Monday & comfort food

I have got an email a couple of weeks ago from a girl (ciao Giulia!) who is so lucky to have found the heart of a norwegian BOY! And since I want their love to grow, I am suggesting her to feed it with very fat and very norwegian food! So I am starting this new column, husmannskost, with real easy norwegian recipes. So here it is, Flesk & duppe for you. Happy monday! 

ps. I didnt write how to cook the meat (fry it in a pan until crispy and delicious) and boil the potatoes, but that is because if you are reading my blog I KNOW you already know how to do it :) 

fredag 27. april 2012


One of the doodles I made for the Doodle Swap I am partecipating in. I made 7 doodles and will receive 7 amazing doodles as well, from all around the world! Its so nice to get actual mail. 

I also received a letter from my dear friend Marco today, we have been writing LETTERS to each other for at least 17 years I think..and we never MET! Still we have plenty to say to each other and he always choose the kind of paper that I like, home made paper in beautiful colours.. I hope we will write to each other FOREVER :)

Have a nice weekend! (original fish cakes recipe here)

fredag 6. april 2012

Et festlig måltid!

It is a bit blasphemic maybe to show a pigs head on Good Friday, but I found this nice, mouth-watering postcard yesterday at Folkemuseet  and I had to share it with you.

Still a happy easter to you :)

onsdag 4. april 2012

Happy easter!

Sorry about the long silence, I have been sick with this all this time, but now I see the end of the tunnel!

I wish you a happy yellow sunny easter, for you and your families!



mandag 19. mars 2012

Fun for those who are still 12 inside.

Took this picture a couple of years ago.. I have been meaning NOT to post it, but tonight I found it again and after giggleing for 2 min., here it is.

scroll down for the uncensored version.
For the record, it means TO RENT in italian. I just had to remove an A.