Strange norwegian food habits + a little taste of Italy
& some drawings from my everyday life.

lørdag 20. mars 2010

Easter in Norway!

Okay this post is not about food, but more about easter traditions. Thing is, most norwegians is going to spend the easter holidays, or at least part of it, in a cabin on the mountains, doing this.

So no need to explain that further. Instead, here are some of the things you will usually find inside those warm and crowded wood cabins:

So beginning from the top left:

1) Yellow daffodils ( too cold to grow outside, but we buy them and pretend its spring already)

2) Solo, orange soda perfect to drink after a day in the snow

3) White knee-high wool sock, old and made by your granmother, to use when xcountry skiing.

4) A poor picture of the cabin

5) Eggs!

6) Men with moustaches. They are always there, whenever there is talking about skiing, or waxing your ski, or collecting the wood...precious help. (nobody knows who they are, or who they are friend of)

7) Old or vintage alpine sunglasses, with special protection (leather) for the sun

8) Cards, to play card games during the evenings/nights without tv. You will probably find several other games, like monopoly, risk...and they will all miss that one thing you need to play the game..

9) A hand made carpet hanging from the wall. If you are lucky there will be more than one.

10) The hidden flask of liquor that your parents/granparents forgot the previous time they were in the cabin (easter last year). (Too bad its probably rotten Baileys)

11) Candy & chocolate, enough for a couple of Halloween

12) Sausages to burn on the open fire

13) A lamb, not so happy like this one...Probably dead and in the refrigerator!

What are you going to do this easter?

I myself am going back to Italy, there is a whole other story down there. But still killing those innocent lambs!! :(

mandag 15. mars 2010

Le TRAN de Norvège!

Here is another example of a norwegian delicacy: cod liver oil.
After I found out I was pregnant, i had to take this thing every day. It doesnt taste that bad after a few weeks, but its fishy and oily. They (norwegians of course) say its very healthy and so...why not give it a try? Its better than botox! (and cheaper!)

Food for kids.

Here are a couple of sketches (in norwegian!) of fruit/veggies with very good qualities.
They are meant to be for kids, but who knows, maybe you need a carrot too?!

If you cant read this, you do need a carrot!

onsdag 3. mars 2010

Julia child

I have been sick the last weeks and therefore no drawings. But I am still planning and sketching, I just need to get all healthy and in shape again to make my illustration...More about why I have been sick in about a week, then I will be able to tell you...
In the meantime I am keeping myself busy watching food programs, and food movies. One of the things I love about that is that you get so inspired to cook! And I cant really eat all that nice food now, but I certainly will, I just keep writing lists for better days.

Anyway, today I watched this sweet movie about Julia Child, called Julie & Julia with the always splendid Meryl Streep (dont you just love her beautiful nose?) and since i didnt know so much about Julia Child, I watched some clips on youtube, like this one: