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søndag 30. mai 2010

D2 magasin - 29.05.10

D2 magasin - 29.05.10, originally uploaded by vesleserena.

:O I almost forgot! My blog was featured on D2 magazine this week :)
A nice, big and well written article by Liz Buer, thank you so much!
& I love D2!

The One Most Important Day of the Year

That is, the 17th of May. It is very important to dress well, and behave well, and show off your best clothes in the city, smile a lot and wave flags. Everybody is happy and a little bit drunk (ehm...) and a lot is going on in the bigger cities.. People, concerts and bubble wine.

This year i have been in Haugesund though, eating cake and drinking soda and watching small kids with the prettiest clothes running around...

Talking about kumla....

The cutest lambs in Haugesund, and lots of lamb meat cooking the same day at my mothers in law. She always make us kumla when she has the time..Its so good, wish there were a vegetarian kind of kumla too though!

søndag 16. mai 2010

Tomorrow its 17. Mai!

Its Norways birthday!
I am preparing a nice post about that :-)
Like all the other norwegians, the only things I can think about now are:

  1. Will it rain?
  2. Will I look pretty enough? Will the other girls look prettier than me?
  3. How many ice creams will I be eating before getting sick?
  4. Are we sure it isnt going to be rainy? Could you please check YR.NO again?



fredag 14. mai 2010

Kumla, Raspeball, Ball.... or tennis ball?

I am visiting my boyfriend home place these days, Haugesund. He is always asleep, so I use my time to eat and draw :) Yesterday her mother made us kumla, they are like balls made of... .well you can read it here:

New post coming tomorrow.... In the meantime...