Strange norwegian food habits + a little taste of Italy
& some drawings from my everyday life.

søndag 27. juni 2010

I am off to Belgium! & nice "grytekluter" !

I am going to Belgium for a week, starting tomorrow, Antwerpen Gent and Brugge...
It will be our last trip "alone", they call it BABY MOON...So I want it to be special and maybe a bit romantic..?!

In the meantime, a little taste of a serie of illustrations I made for an italian website in Norway.

My colleague Åse knows I really like pink and colours so she came to me with these lovely vintage kettleholders. I love them and i am gonna hang them on my kitchen wall soon!

Have a nice summer, see you soon!

onsdag 23. juni 2010

Its my birthday!

Happy birthday to me!
I kveld blir det bringebær for alle penga.

Jeg gleder meg!

lørdag 19. juni 2010

Pink Food - and the swedish marriage

Today I am watching TV, and I deserve it! The swedish princess Victoria is getting married to her is so romantic but in a very scandinavian way: still sober and stylish....I wonder what they are gonna eat tonight? I wish I could be there and taste all those wonderful things, i am sure the food will be very swedish too! Instead I am here drawing and thinking about things I really really like: Food and the colour PINK. Not any pink, but that kind of dark magenta / pink almost red. I am so attracted to that, not in clothes, but in food! I even have a little gallery on flickr called Pink Food.
Three of the things I discovered here in Norway are:
- Radish: I love them as fresh as possible, as snacks, with kremost, or just with olive oil & salt
- Rhubarb: oooh this one is so sour but it tastes so good with sugar or in pies...I am so happy when summer comes and I can eat rhubarb pie!
- Raspberries: Just as they are or with a little cream..they taste like summer...

The nice things about these 3 things, are that you can find them in many backyards/gardens here in Norway (well not in Oslo maybe, but everywhere else). So they are cheap and delicious!

lørdag 12. juni 2010

Bread - Brød

Hello again.
Here I am thinking about the simplest food in Norway: bread! When I was a little kid visiting my granma in Norway, she used to make all the baking herself, and she only baked the famous Kneipp brød. It was soooo good! Now it is possible to find any kind of bread, my favourite is the Graham brød from the organic bakery "Godt brød" in Grünerløkka - mmm!
Here is a selection of my favourite norwegian bread spreads too - its crazy that I like these things! Especially the fish... But I learned to love them, just like with the tran.

lørdag 5. juni 2010

Cake! And Julia Child-theme present.

Gratulerer med dagen SIGURD!

My good friend Sigurd is  having a birthday party tonight, and I made him a cake-birthday-card.
And a chocolate cake (Julia Childs chocolate cake...mmm!) And he is going to get a cake dish (where I will put the cake) and Julia & Julias movie too.
Hope he will like all this! (yes he is a guy but he loves good food and cakes!)

Have a wonderful weekend!