Strange norwegian food habits + a little taste of Italy
& some drawings from my everyday life.

mandag 26. juli 2010

Great things that happened while I was on vacation!

I am back in Norway, not in Oslo yet, but in the west coast..My mother in law is already making homemade "fiskekaker" (fishcakes) for dinner, out of cod and "sei" (I think its pollock?) & I got a little taste already!  
D E L I C I O U S!
But I will never be able to fish like they do. I feel sorry for the fish....

Another wonderful thing: I met my kitty Pushkina again after 4 weeks out travelling, I missed her so much! She had a good time here with her granparents though, out hunting for mice and bees....

In the meantime, I got also great things in the mail...
I was so lucky to win an original print from Katie Green of The Green Bean 
Look how cute it is! I am gonna hang it in my baby corner (we dont have a baby room yet, she is going to get a little corner of our room)

If you dont know Katie yet, I suggest you check out her blog. She loves to draw and cook food too, and her blog is full of inspiration, ideas and beautiful thoughts!

...and another thing...The Scribble train colouring book has arrived in the mail too!
With 2 of my illustrations/doodles, one on the second page and one on the backside. Look how nice it looks, I need some new crayons now (hehe, such a great excuse to buy crayons) Here is the link Lisa Curries blog, the mind behind this project. She really did a great job! Thanks Lisa!

fredag 16. juli 2010

A little "HELLO!" from Italy

Hello then!
I am still on holidays, but its in Italy these days. It is so hot in here, almost impossible to think clearly. I feel sorry for all those poor friends of mine who have to work in this warmth..The (kinda) sad thing is, it is too warm to eat all the good italian food! But dont worry, there is still plenty of fresh fruit & vegetables.. mmm... like watermelon  & tomatoes from my fathers garden!

Last week I was asked to draw an illustration for the norwegian magazine D2 (which featured this very blog a few weeks ago). They liked my style, and asked to do something that resembled my blog a little. It was such a fun illustration to do! The article talks about how the scandinavian capitals are doing, and I was left free to draw different things from every city.

So here is the result.
Hope you will like it too!

Take care