Strange norwegian food habits + a little taste of Italy
& some drawings from my everyday life.

tirsdag 9. november 2010

Kakao - Hot chocolate!

I love everything sweet and hot, and I just found out about this new (new to me!!) way of making hot chocolate with real chocolate. Just put the chocolate in the cup and hot milk on top! Yummi! I love winter. All you need is good music, something good in your cup and candle lights...and if you are lucky a strong arm to hold around you....

mandag 8. november 2010

Food with strange & politically uncorrect name...

I made these sweet chocolate "balls" yesterday, they are yummi! But the name? Negerboller? Maybe they should be called kakaoboller or something?

tirsdag 2. november 2010

Tasty - tiny food jewelry // Christmas gifts ideas!

Last year at the Designers Christmas market at DoGa in Oslo, I found out about these ladies. Maiken and Siri run a little café with delicious goods, and i was totally blown away by these jewels. Tiny reproductions of the most delicious norwegian food, so delicate and with so many tiny cute details...I am gonna put this on my wishlist for christmas...

Here are some of the goodness, find it in their etsy shop:

Join their fan page on facebook here!

All pictures by Tinytasty