Strange norwegian food habits + a little taste of Italy
& some drawings from my everyday life.

tirsdag 29. mars 2011

Koke en bok. Kokebok!

What is your bible? Apart from the bible bible, maybe?
This book is mine, Den rutete kokeboken, by Ingrid Espelid Hovig.
This woman is so adorable, watch her here.

mandag 28. mars 2011


I was drinking coffee and doodling the other day. Watching people drinking coffee is so interesting. There are so many different ways of drinking coffee in Norway.. In Italy we just drink it in 5 seconds. Slurp! Here, you can really express yourself while drinking coffee...Like here.

fredag 25. mars 2011


I dag er det vaffeldagen!
Today its the international waffledag! I just love those hearts. I hope you had some today. But...everybody has its own recipe, I dont know what is right anymore! I need to ask Ingrid Espelid Hovig... Do you have a special waffle recipe to share with me?
Vaffelsmykkene fra Tasty

torsdag 24. mars 2011

Pizza pizza, who wants pizza?

Did you know that I have a master BAKER in my house? Its not the cat. Even is she does "bake" the wool blanket. Its mr. G ! He made the perfect norwegian pizza crust the other day. So good and thick and a little crispy on the sides. PERFECT!

onsdag 23. mars 2011

New food for new people.

So I have this new roomie. I had her for the last 6 months. We share the bedroom, its cheapest that way. She is kind of tiny. Somebody would call her "little". Almost a baby! :)
We are experimenting in the house. What will the little princess eat today? Will we guess? Will it be a mess? (thats ok, we have so much fun when she is messing with the food).
We try and we fail. And we try again. One thing she loves though, is this nice orange mousse. Made with nice orange (and yellow) root fruits! We love root fruits, hurrah!

søndag 20. mars 2011

Fish cookies - Judith Spesial

There are two sure things about Haugesund. The rain, and the good food. I can live without the grey sky and getting always wet in my socks (I refuse to wear rainwear, I am italian after all!) but the yummi alone worth a visit!  Fishy and lamby food! Like kumla and pinnekjøtt. Another great dish are the home made fiskekaker that my mother in law makes for us EVERY time we visit. Thanks Judith! Here is the recipe.
(BTW she is making kumla right now) Lucky us!
Have a nice sunday!

lørdag 19. mars 2011

Intervjustafett - Little interview - #3

Nevn 4 ting fra din ønskeliste
4 things from your wishlist

Bade der det er varmt
Mange fine dager med min datter
Røde gummistøvler
Min egen atelier/verksted

Swim in the warm water
Days of joy with my daughter
Red boots
My own studio

Thats not wishing too much, is it?

fredag 18. mars 2011

Help Japan & buy something nice for your wall

We are all worried about it...and Japan has always fascinated me a lot. So when I saw this over at Pikaland I decided I would do something good for them and for me as well.
Lovely poster by japanese artist Mogu Takahashi.

Intervjustafett - Little interview - #2

Hvilke 4 ting liker du dårlig?
4 things you dont like.
Hudfarget strømpebukser
Å prate i telefon 
Skallet på agurken (den smaker fisk!)

Skincoloured pantihose
Talking on the phone
The green thick skin of a cucumber. (tastes like fish!)

Intervjustafett - Little interview - #1

I have been challenged by Bringebær (who by the way make some very cute embroideries, like these) So here are my answers.

Hva har du gjort i dag? 
What did you do today?

Kjøpte årets første tulipaner
Lagde og spiste veldig gode burgere
Drakk kaffe med Thomines oldemor
Laget babymat med rotgrønnsaker

Bought my first tulips this year
Ate home made burgers (good!)
Had coffee with Thomines grand grandmother
Made babyfood with rootfruits

søndag 13. mars 2011

Not everybody loves smoothies... we do :)
Thomine wanted to try our smoothie today. Just looked at our smoothie and at us with her blue eyes, mouth full of water...So we gave her a little. Banana+blueberries+apple+orange. She had banana and apple before, but maybe the orange was a bit more sour than she thought it would be? Poor kid. She liked it though!

tirsdag 8. mars 2011

Doodle + Food = Sant

Jeg fant tilbake til min første kjærlighet! Doodling! Så nå kan jeg både lage mat, tegne og passe på en liten T som krever stadig mer oppmerksomhet... Doodling er altså dette
I dag var det også en fin dag for å skrive litt på norsk...Etter en flott Oslo VM tenker jeg at vi er alle litt stolte av å være norske (ja, jeg er faktisk norsk jeg og!)

Lets get back to my first love, doodling! Now I can be the multitasker I have always dreamt of: cooking, drawing and watching Thomine at the same time. And yes, I wrote in norwegian today, because of the great Oslo World ski championship 2011 we just had. I feel a little proud to be norwegian! 

(I am still trying to figure out how to avoid my pictures to have a shadow...any suggestions?)