Strange norwegian food habits + a little taste of Italy
& some drawings from my everyday life.

torsdag 28. juli 2011

It is time to move on...

...but how do you do it? How do you forget, forgive, how can you stop thinking  about what happened.
I want to move on. I dont want the actions of that miserable man to ruin my life, to darken my thoughts, i dont want him to cause more damage than he has already done. The sun is still shining, the birds are still singing, the people are still out on Olaf Ryes plass drinking beer and eating a good pizza (I can hear them from home). I am going too. Tomorrow. Or in a week. But right now, I still need to mourn.

søndag 24. juli 2011

Love beats hatred

A young survivor from the shooting at Utøya in Norway 22. July 2011 was interviewed by CNN and asked if they now wanted to fight terror more intensely. Her answer was:

lørdag 23. juli 2011

torsdag 21. juli 2011

Now you can LIKE me. I mean REALLY like me.

I just made a FAN PAGE on Facebook, so you nice people could all click on LIKE here
and make me very happy. Or not. I will probably be a little less happy, but still happy.

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Me trying to use my kid to get more Likes.

tirsdag 19. juli 2011

Norsk Kjøkken

I was sitting at the kitchen table at my parents-in-law house, in Haugesund and it struck me how ALIKE the norwegian kitchens look...I mean...the real kitchens, not the kitchens people use to keep shoes in ...look around, do you have at least 3 of these things? I do!!

Italian postcards II

fredag 1. juli 2011

A Tasty taste of summer!

Hei again, I am back to my beloved NORGE! How are you my friends? I am goood. Its so good to be HOME. I have got a new computer (hurray!) but I still need to fix the old one...I have not been taking enough backups and now I am afraid I could have lost a lot of Thominepictures and drawings! :(

I had my birthday last week! I enjoyed a relaxed afternoon eating ice cream in the sun and later home made hamburgers and white wine (from here)..The wine didnt match the food at ALL, still it was such a nice day.

I had a lot of adventures on our way back from Italy, maybe I will tell you about them in a drawing..still too fresh to laugh about :) New illustrations are on their way, in the meantime take a look at this website, you will find my illustration on the front page. Have a nice day!