Strange norwegian food habits + a little taste of Italy
& some drawings from my everyday life.

mandag 22. august 2011

Telemark People

We, the people of Telemark! I have family in this beautiful county. Did you know that? I am so proud. I have a cousin working here and family here. My mums family was from here and here.

So last week I rented a car and drove to the Telemark mountains. I found nice friendly people, very good food, I had an elk in my garden and I saw lots of birds and squirrels and dead lemmings, fish, berries, rain, bunader, fela, old volvos and trees so many trees and mushrooms and cows. Oh my. I love it.

A lot of tea in a slightly pornographic mug was involved too. Haha!

(still no drawings, still my scanner is somewhere in a box.)

mandag 8. august 2011

We are moving!

Hello! I am sorry if the blog is gonna be quiet the next couples of weeks or so, but we are moving moving moving from the very nice & colourful Grünerløkka to the family friendly & I hope quiet Lambertseter, (in the south of Oslo) more exactly to Pynten Borettslaget! I am so looking forward to living in a borettslaget ! How norwegian is that! I want to make friends with all the people there! I want to take part in the dugnad! Thomine is very excited too. She is going to get her own room! A lot of exclamation marks!!!!!! Now that you know, I still have one drawing to go, but I need to find my scanner, where is my scanner? Somewhere in a box........
Now, back to Gilmore girls (yes, my BF is out and I am eating Gjende and watching my secret favourite show)