Strange norwegian food habits + a little taste of Italy
& some drawings from my everyday life.

søndag 30. oktober 2011

Cookbooks #2

I cherish this old cookbook. It was my mums, she passed away 10 years ago. Her name still in the first page. I used to make her bookmarks, she loved books, so I made her bookmarks all the time. This one says: I love you.

tirsdag 18. oktober 2011


This post is in norwegian, but the illustrations are easy to understand :) Its all about the Monday - all you have left in the refrigerator - Pie, italian and norwegian way. Notice the style of the italian girl when she cooks dinner? They are all so perfect, all the time! (Not me, thats why I live in Norway, to wear comfy trousers and forget to put make up on). Have a good week!

fredag 14. oktober 2011

tirsdag 11. oktober 2011


Velkommen i klubben sier dere :) Skulle gjerne kjøpt Dagbladaet i dag, for der er det sikkert et eller annet om tidsklemma. Åh nei vent, det er lavkarbo som gjelder nå. Too bad jeg har nettopp spist frukost med brødskiva+bringebærsyltetøy og en diger kaffelatte med sukker i. FY. Neida. Så det var det da. Tidsklemma. I kveld skal vi klemme den. Eller kjøre på den, med denne fine fine 500.
Ha en fin dag!

mandag 3. oktober 2011

Look what came in the mail!

My own ELLE Girl, from Korea!
And look what a nice article about food & illustration (feat. among others Nate from TDAC)
Look better there is a TRAN bottle too! :) I am featured in the last ELLE Girl Korea, thank you so much for interviewing me!

Det er mandag, gi meg PÅFYLL!

Monday monday monday...who needs coffeine? I do!
Even if its norwegian coffee, sometimes it is very good (like here) or very cool (like here) or very cheap (like here) or organic (like here) or together with a good bite (like here) or great bread (like here) or close to home (like here)

***I forgot to mention the real PÅFYLL!