Strange norwegian food habits + a little taste of Italy
& some drawings from my everyday life.

torsdag 10. mai 2012


Things I love.
Bento + 80s anime
Heidi has a very strange mouth. But she is indeed my favourite, I think she looks a bit like my daughter :) more Heidi here

Maia found here

Heidi & Miffy found here

mandag 7. mai 2012

Monday & comfort food

I have got an email a couple of weeks ago from a girl (ciao Giulia!) who is so lucky to have found the heart of a norwegian BOY! And since I want their love to grow, I am suggesting her to feed it with very fat and very norwegian food! So I am starting this new column, husmannskost, with real easy norwegian recipes. So here it is, Flesk & duppe for you. Happy monday! 

ps. I didnt write how to cook the meat (fry it in a pan until crispy and delicious) and boil the potatoes, but that is because if you are reading my blog I KNOW you already know how to do it :)