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torsdag 14. februar 2013

My G. 
He is the best. 
I don´t know how he manages to still be with me. I know I can be the worst girlfriend. Apparently he means I can be the best too. I am grateful for that.
He made me a book with sweet photographs of our life together. He got me a tshirt with the text HALLÅ which is the way he always said "Hi" to me, popping out from behind corners with a smile from ear to ear. Yes those were the days when we were "young" and in love. Now we don`t have so much time to make gifts for each other, to take trips to all those places we love, to go to concerts or eat sushi once a week. We still have the love. He ALWAYS listens to all the crap I have to tell him. He ALWAYS smiles at me. No, he is NOT good at buying me flowers, but then again, flowers? Who cares. I buy my flowers myself. We are not in the 50s anymore, are we? And then he is a dad (2 1/2 years later I still can`t believe it!) and he is the best dad. For our daughter he is. She never laughs as much as when he plays with her. He is caring and loving and present all the time. I know she will grow up to be a beautiful person thank to him (and hopefully a bit thank to me as well). He is not perfect, oh no no no. 
But HE is MINE. And I am HIS. 

Happy Valentine`s day